[HOT] Suggestion to support Newbie development via Validated work

Pierre Béland pierzenh at yahoo.fr
Sun May 10 13:31:31 UTC 2015

This is a quite challenging mission, different terrain with these Nepal high mountains and after two weeks, less mediatic attention.
We need to re-accelerate this response and find ways to support newbies. They are as important as experienced conributors and we should help them progress. 

I suggest to the new contributors that want help to go on the Live #hot irc channel. 

>From this link, simply provide a nickname to identify yourself. You can type in to present yourself as a new contributor looking for a mentor. If you listen at the discussion on the #hot irc, you will se that this is quite informal and a pleasant place to meet with other contributors.

The core HOT / OSM contributors, could you please assure a rotation on the #hot irc to assure the support to the new contributors?

Thanks all for the response for this emergency.

      De : graham <graham at klunky.co.uk>
 À : hot at openstreetmap.org 
 Envoyé le : Dimanche 10 mai 2015 9h17
 Objet : [HOT] Suggestion to support Newbie development via Validated work
Hi All,

Might I suggest a way that will allow Newbies to see examples of good 
interpretation and digitalisation:

In OSM Task Manager, they could select a "Validated" tile, open it and 
look at the work completed. One would hope that the validated work is of 
standard, but that is a different issue.
I tested this, and found that I could "invalidate" the work via a 
button. I presume that I could actually make alterations to this work as 
well. Neither of these two things I did.

Perhaps, validated tiles could be accessible to Newbies to view only, 
thus allowing them to review what is considered good work. However, 
perhaps they should not have to ability to modify the work.
Selected tiles could be promoted as standard/quality etc. as the tiles 
get validated.


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