[HOT] Alignment to NextView in Job #190

Patrick D patrick.d.geo at gmail.com
Mon May 11 15:13:45 UTC 2015


"NextView" imagery is an old term we used to reference imagery services
provided through MapGive / Imagery to the Crowd (IttC) by the U.S.
Department of State, Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU).

Generally speaking, HIU imagery services and Bing are BOTH orthorectified.
I'd align your imagery to the existing roads (regardless if these roads
were originally added through Bing or MapGive imagery services), since
Kathmandu is already so well mapped.

This is an old task, so you can ignore the source=NextView request.  We
only need the commit message to include #MapGive (as it does by default).
Thanks for your contribution to the Nepal Earthquake response.


MapGive Team
@MapGive <https://twitter.com/mapgive> | http://mapgive.state.gov/

On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 11:29 PM, Steve Bower <sbower at gmavt.net> wrote:

> Dreky : Good question. I'm not familiar with the NextView data. I've been
> working on #1018 for a couple weeks. I agree, we need better consistency of
> instructions across related projects (like Nepal mapping).
> Perhaps you could contact the task creator, amritkarma, for guidance.
> On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 6:08 AM, drekmaby <drekmaby at posteo.hu> wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> Working on Job #190 among others and I'm quit puzzled: The instructions
>> say, that NextView should be used. I'm doing so by integrating the
>> imagery url in JOSM, tracing builings on Bing (because image quality is
>> better) and adjusting them to NextView. I also adjust existing buildings
>> to NextView and add the source=NextView-Tag, too. So I think, that I
>> follow the instructions by doing so.
>> Problem: Streets are aligned to Bing and inevitably get in conflict with
>> the buildings, that are aligned to NextView. The instructions say, that
>> NextView imagery is "orthorectified for terrain corrected geographic
>> precision", so it seems (to me) of higher spatial accuracy than Bing. In
>> the one tile that I finished in Kathmandu (task #1003) I adjusted the
>> streets to NextView, too.
>> But finally, it doesn't feel right. In other Jobs in the same area (e.g.
>> Job #1018) buildings are mapped, too, but not mentioning NextView at all.
>> How to deal with those inconsistencies between different jobs?
>> Does it make any sense, to introduce jobs with accurat imagery when
>> there're not avaible on the long run and finally create conflicts with
>> the database that is generally used (like Bing)?
>> Looking forward to some advices! Best regards,
>> Dreky
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Patrick D
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