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Hi Spring,

2015-05-12 0:45 GMT+02:00 Springfield Harrison <stellargps at gmail.com>:

> *"Posting of your message titled "RE: [HOT] QGIS and OSM and.." has been
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> duplication to those who received it earlier . . . .

To avoid problems with message size I recommend quoting only the most
recent mail and delete everything else.

>         Right, thanks for the update. Introducing yet another data-entry
> method is certainly not ideal but the perspective view in GE is certainly a
> great help. I've edited 15 targets so far directly in GE and saved them as
> a different file. This file loads back into Manifold very well and, when
> done, I can synthesize a few extra fields of information about each
> helipad. Currently, I'm coding them 1, 2, 3 and adding altitude and
> comments. Code 1 is Good, 2 is probably OK, 3 is rejected as built-up, too
> small, off level, etc. I'm fairly confident with the coding so far, some
> ground truthing would be good.

While this is valuable information to have I doubt that this should go back
into OSM. At least the current tagging of potential landing sites as
"leisure=common" does not provide additional tags. So this would require
some thoughts about defining addtional tags to hold this information.

>         Progress is reasonably quick but there are over 1400. I now see
> that some of the OSM fields do not show up when the KML lands in Manifold
> but they are visible in GE itself. We should probably check the aeroway =
> helipad targets also. Really hard to assess these from purely an overhead
> view. I always in/zoom out, spin around and get a low level, oblique view
> before feeling confident. If there are tourist photos, that is also a great
> help. If there is any doubt about size or surface, I give it a 2.

For my understanding this information must not go back into OSM. At least
for my understanding any information gathered via Google Earth is
incompatible with OSM due to licensing. So before adding any of this
information into OSM I would recommend to clairfy this first. I think even
tourist photos retrieved from Panoramio are not straightforward to include.
But I am not a lawyer, of course.

This is a very delicate aspect and in general OSM is very carful not to use
any information from non-compatible licenses. HOT does not have any special
execptins since it potentially causes issues for the entire project.

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