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Besfort Guri besiguri at gmail.com
Tue May 12 20:38:30 UTC 2015

Dear everyone,

We are a group of young tech activists from Prishtina, Kosovo - Europe’s
newest country.

During the past year we’ve been working on creating an experimentation,
coworking space - a hackerspace in Prishtina. Struggling to find funds
locally and self sustain the space, we’ve joined Kickstarter to get
international help.

We wouldn’t like to bother you with a long description, but as mentioned on
the campaign video, Kickstarter community and YOU are our only way out to
make this happen!

We’re 27% away from our goal on Kickstarter, please check our campaign.


We promise you’ll enjoy the video explaining our initiative and our past
work and activities.

We hope to get your support: please help us by sharing this campaign
through your channels under the #PrishtinaHackerspace hashtag and/or
donating to it.
By the community, for the community, every little bit counts!

Prishtina Hackerspace website: http://prishtinahackerspace.org

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Best regards,

Besfort Guri


*Besfort Guri*
GIS Developer

*IRuSP - Implemtation and Enforcement of*
*Rural Planning Project*

+386 49 87 75 75
Blog: http://www.bguri.net

An EU funded project managed by
EU Office in Kosovo
Implemented by NIRAS in consortium with DLG and INSI

Address: Str Shaban Polluzha, No 3, Prishtina, Kosovo
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