[HOT] How to fully cover a grid square.

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Wed May 13 06:07:09 UTC 2015

Some while back, I suggested writing a JOSM plugin to help make sure one
has seen the entire task area.  Without going into details, the idea was to
split the task into a grid with cells (subtasks) just slightly smaller than
the viewport at the user's chosen zoom level.  When user is satisfied with
their work in a subtask, they mark it as done and step to the next (e.g.
using the normal navigation keys).  The user could move out of the subtask
without marking the task as finished if they want to chase a long feature,
then snap back to where the subtask they were working on.

I got sidetracked onto other projects.  One of those will end in two weeks,
so there might be a window there,.  Is anyone interested in collaborating
on this?  I've worked on Java desktop applications that involve graphics
and drawing (for telemedicine and digitization of ultrasound images), but
have not done more than peek at JOSM.  The collaboration might just mean
nudzing me about it, but if you've worked on a JOSM plugin (hi, Andrew),
this would be a good cause.  ;-)

-- Pat
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