[HOT] How to fully cover a grid square.

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Wed May 13 11:28:45 UTC 2015

I have been looking for something like an adjustable grid for a while.

Adjustable because sometimes I am doing scanning at different zoom 
levels depending on the features I am looking for.

Java is the one language I just never even got a toe hold on, I can 
barely get the development stack going.

Thank you for thinking about it.


On 5/13/2015 8:07 AM, Pat Tressel wrote:
> Some while back, I suggested writing a JOSM plugin to help make sure one
> has seen the entire task area.  Without going into details, the idea was
> to split the task into a grid with cells (subtasks) just slightly
> smaller than the viewport at the user's chosen zoom level.  When user is
> satisfied with their work in a subtask, they mark it as done and step to
> the next (e.g. using the normal navigation keys).  The user could move
> out of the subtask without marking the task as finished if they want to
> chase a long feature, then snap back to where the subtask they were
> working on.
> I got sidetracked onto other projects.  One of those will end in two
> weeks, so there might be a window there,.  Is anyone interested in
> collaborating on this?  I've worked on Java desktop applications that
> involve graphics and drawing (for telemedicine and digitization of
> ultrasound images), but have not done more than peek at JOSM.  The
> collaboration might just mean nudzing me about it, but if you've worked
> on a JOSM plugin (hi, Andrew), this would be a good cause.  ;-)
> -- Pat
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