[HOT] DRAFT- HOT Nepal Response Community Survey

Heather Leson heatherleson at gmail.com
Tue May 19 16:38:11 UTC 2015

HI Folks, A few of us have been working hard to create a HOT Nepal Response
Community Survey. We have collected input from working groups and
activation leads. With so many new contributors and deep engagement at all
levels, we really heard your comments on the list and see the future

The final version is not ready yet, but we are close. Take a look and add
some comments. Note: it is our goal to be as brief as possible to respect
people's time.


Tyler, Heather and the team are aiming to send this far and wide by May

(Note: this is the first time we have ever done a formal HOT community
survey. We do want to improve and hope that your input once the survey will
help you grow HOT. Stay tuned for when it is live.)

Also, if you want to be part of the data analytics (post survey team),
please let us know


Heather on behalf of the team

Heather Leson
heatherleson at gmail.com
Twitter: HeatherLeson
Blog: textontechs.com
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