[HOT] Request for information about common set of tags for HOT (Was: OSM Nepal Reponse - Links to various infos)

Carl von Einem carl at einem.net
Wed May 20 13:50:45 UTC 2015

cascafico wrote on 20.05.15 12:19:
> Carl von Einem wrote
>> In pre desaster Bing imagery of Nepal I have seen several of those
>> "shape of roof, but no shadow" but usually interpret them in a different
>> way: let's assume the house has been built against a hillside, then the
>> midday sun would be shining at the front of the house and the back of
>> the house is "leaning" against the hill. No shadow if the roof is rather
>> flat.
> Agree, but if in the close surroundings I see some elements (trees) with
> projected shadow, I assume I have a collapsed building. I don't know how
> tall trees are, just approximate 5-10meters for a 5-10meters canopy, which
> IMO can be compared to 3-5meter height of a rural building.
> Anyway I make just assumpions. Of course, if you are exeprienced in
> photogrammetry I'll take care of your suggestions.

Please just go on with the way you map, it was just a suggestion that 
what you interpret as "flat" in pre disaster imagery might not be. 
Anyway all these examples and assumptions are IMHO useless without 


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