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This will work only with the people that accept to provide their identity and osm nickname.

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It appears my comments on email addresses were not understood clearly.

If we do an extract on OSM and HOT we can identify people who have mapped in OSM before, those who have mapped on only one occasion in Nepal etc.  In other words if we only send the relevant questions to a group of email addresses who we know have never mapped before then we can tailor the questions specifically to them.  Or have two or three versions of the questionnaire one for each group we are interested in.  The other method is to pick up their email address, there are methods to do this by passing the information in the link to the questionnaire.  If you use that method then link the email address to the questionnaire you can then link it to other information from HOT and OSM.  However this method may run into privacy law considerations in various countries unless you ask permission. 

Asking an experienced mapper say one with a hundred plus edits in OSM what they think of the training is probably a waste of time, they probably didn't look at it.  However by asking them the question you have added to respondent burden.  If you know the answer or can deduce it then first its probably more accurate, people do not always answer truthfully, second the normal rule of surveys is take up the minimum time necessary to get the information you require.

Can you get the person's country from their OSM profile?  etc.  Can we get their preferred language from their OSM profile?

Another issue is if you are going to host the questionnaire on Hackpad or Dropbox then you may lose some respondents who will not agree to giving up their list of email contacts to dropbox should they elect to sign in using something like Google sign in.  Typically these may represent a group of users you might be interested in.

Cheerio John

On 19 May 2015 at 12:38, Heather Leson <heatherleson at gmail.com> wrote:

HI Folks, A few of us have been working hard to create a HOT Nepal Response Community Survey. We have collected input from working groups and activation leads. With so many new contributors and deep engagement at all levels, we really heard your comments on the list and see the future opportunities. 

The final version is not ready yet, but we are close. Take a look and add some comments. Note: it is our goal to be as brief as possible to respect people's time.


Tyler, Heather and the team are aiming to send this far and wide by May 21st. 

(Note: this is the first time we have ever done a formal HOT community survey. We do want to improve and hope that your input once the survey will help you grow HOT. Stay tuned for when it is live.)

Also, if you want to be part of the data analytics (post survey team), please let us know 


Heather on behalf of the team

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