[HOT] Database, OSM & HOT (Was: Request for information about common set of tags for HOT)

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Thu May 21 10:51:54 UTC 2015

> Back to OSM and "tag soup" database. This is a rather hard and
> technical topic, and not really related to HOT and this list. You will
> not find the answer here, nor the most interested or skilled people.
> HOT uses and contributes to the database, HOT does not control it.

But there are many tags that are only used by HOT and many of those are 
not documented (some can be found here 
Also many of the OpenStreetMap tags that HOT uses are old and 
established tags.

And to be honest I can't remember ever having seen any HOT topics on the 
tagging mailinglist (apart from the 1 I posted), where you could discuss 
Tags used for both conventinal as well as crisis mapping and discuss 
where do use established tags and where to use new ones.

In my opinion HOT needs a page with a overview of...

1. HOT only Tags (+creating individual pages)

2. Tags that might have a slightly different meaning in different places 
(e.g. street types) Maybe even have something like 

3. Frequently/Important Tags used for HOT mapping with 1:1 the same 


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