[HOT] State of the Map - US - June 6 - 8, 2015 - Get your tickets now

Heather Leson heatherleson at gmail.com
Thu May 21 13:52:41 UTC 2015

Hello, While HOT Is a global community part of the larger OSM family, there
may be a large continent of us at State of the Map US. I'll be there and am
excited to connect with old friends and meet up with new ones.

If you are planning on attending, ticket sales close on June 1, 2015:

Here is a collaborative document to share attendance and sessions including
hopefully building a plan for a Birds of a Feather Session.


A personal ask: I am hosting a session on "Your Neighbour is Mapping". The
goal is to be an interactive session to build on what we've learned and
dream big - what would it take for the next million people to be active on
OSM. Please add your thoughts and I will try to incorporate them to the
session. The goal is to make these notes and the session input into a
living document. While not everyone can attend SOTM-US, this gives you a
chance to raise your ideas and think about actionable steps.

Thanks and see some of you soon,


Heather Leson
heatherleson at gmail.com
Twitter: HeatherLeson
Blog: textontechs.com
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