[HOT] Database, OSM & HOT (Was: Request for information about common set of tags for HOT)

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Thu May 21 19:16:56 UTC 2015

I have to admit I never saw either one, but honestly I'm also not sure 
what I would have replyed.

The older one is kinda like what tagging do I prefer, but at the same 
time not making clear what HOT and people using the data need, 
especially when it comes to routing. I mean if it already starts with 
they may do that and they may do that...

And I think the reason there was little feedback for the recent mail is 
probably because it looked fine to most people. The majority of mappers 
there are not really involved in crisis mapping and if they are will 
just do the tasks. Not to mention that it's a giant wall of text which 
never helps. And you are also kinda left alone with the links. I think 
it really lacked a comparison between what has been used and was not 
good and why this new tagging is better.

When it comes to Tagging you always have to explain what has been used 
in the past, what you propose, what are obvious alternatives, what 
should no longer be used, why you propose it, how it will be used etc.

What I still don't see are Wiki pages for the Keys/Tags. Just create 
them when they already are in the database. And create the proposal. And 
I also think there are a lot of Tags outside of this life cycle which 
are far easier to document.

>  > And to be honest I can't remember ever having seen any HOT topics on the
>  > tagging mailinglist (apart from the 1 I posted), where you could discuss
>  > Tags used for both conventinal as well as crisis mapping and discuss
> where
>  > do use established tags and where to use new ones.
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