[HOT] step by step recipe for iD bug reporting (was: Problems saving in ID)

Carl von Einem carl at einem.net
Sat May 23 17:04:59 UTC 2015

Charlotte Wolter wrote on 23.05.15 16:57:
> This is my point exactly. Github works only for people who already
> are "insiders," people who know how to use it. It doesn't work if you're
> not used to it.
> We need a simple Problem Report form on the web site. If the coders
> want to use Github to solve the problem, fine. They're welcome to it. But
> for us ordinary people, we need something in simple direct English.
> By the way, there still are a couple of ongoing issues with iD
> that no one seems to be tackling, despite reports on Github.

I'm no coder and here is my step by step recipe for iD bug reporting:

Visit https://github.com/ and "Sign up" (the platform is independent 
from OSM and HOT so you'll need to create a new account first). When 
successfully logged in just follow this procedure:

1. on the upper left is a search bar ("Search GitHub"): type 'iD' and 
click "enter" on your keyboard

2. in the list of search results click on "openstreetmap/iD" (should be 
the first item)

3. click on "Issues" (navigation bar on the right)

4. click on "New issue" (green button)

5. choose a good title and write your problem description

6. click on "Submit..."


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