[HOT] Fwd: Re: Fwd: step by step recipe for iD bug reporting (was: Problems saving in ID)

Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Sun May 24 00:03:17 UTC 2015


         It sound like you would be a great resource in making this 
happen. Now all we need to do is get a clear mandate from the board 
(important) and some programmers. When is the next board meeting? We 
should get this on the agenda.


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>Exactly what Charlotte said.
>OSM and HOT are going through a monumental change. A huge influx of 
>3000, 4000 new to OSM people. We want them to continue to contribute 
>and because we want them to stick around, we owe it to them to make 
>everything about OSM and HOT as easy-to-use as possible.
>Convoluted workflows requiring new login and passwords, searches, 
>and instructions that are scattered, all of that has to change as we 
>grow into this new sized, new era of "anyone can help". Anything we 
>can do to make the experience intuitive and a no-brainer we need to 
>do as good hosts. Either we welcome all these enthusiastic people, 
>or we stay a small, insular, insider's club where diverse 
>contributers find a difficult if not impossible terrain.
>For now your instructions would  be great on an interim page people 
>get when reporting an issue, inbetween the Task Manager and Github.
>Usability! We all need to think about how to make it easy! It's 
>challenging and interesting to figure out the simpliest, easiest way 
>to do something on the web!
>As this is one of the things I do professionally, I would love to 
>make a proposal through a sample website working on a team with programmers.
>Thinking of Dan in Montana who left after one day because he was 
>frustrated with OSM.
>On May 23, 2015 11:51:37 AM Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com> wrote:
>>          It's very nice that you spelled out the steps, but
>>you're not getting it. We can't make ordinary mappers go
>>through those steps just to submit a problem report.
>>They need a link to a single page that has the words
>>"Problem Report" at the top. They fill in the blanks and
>>hit "Submit."
>>          Otherwise, we'll lose them. They'll just give up, and
>>we'll never know what issues are happening.
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>> >Charlotte Wolter wrote on 23.05.15 16:57:
>> >
>> > > This is my point exactly. Github works only for people who already
>> > > are "insiders," people who know how to use it. It doesn't work if you're
>> > > not used to it.
>> > > We need a simple Problem Report form on the web site. If the coders
>> > > want to use Github to solve the problem, fine. They're welcome 
>> to it. But
>> > > for us ordinary people, we need something in simple direct English.
>> > > By the way, there still are a couple of ongoing issues with iD
>> > > that no one seems to be tackling, despite reports on Github.
>> >
>> >I'm no coder and here is my step by step recipe for iD bug reporting:
>> >Visit https://github.com/ and "Sign up" (the platform is independent from
>> >OSM and HOT so you'll need to create a new account first). When
>> >successfully logged in just follow this procedure:
>> >1. on the upper left is a search bar ("Search GitHub"): type 'iD'
>> >and click "enter" on your keyboard
>> >2. in the list of search results click on "openstreetmap/iD" (should
>> >be the first item)
>> >3. click on "Issues" (navigation bar on the right)
>> >4. click on "New issue" (green button)
>> >5. choose a good title and write your problem description
>> >6. click on "Submit..."
>> >Done!
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