[HOT] Fwd: Re: Fwd: step by step recipe for iD bug reporting (was: Problems saving in ID)

Suzan Reed suzan at suzanreed.com
Sun May 24 05:23:32 UTC 2015

Oh, not met by myself! I would work with a small team to iron this out, but we would get a better product with a small team participating. Who wants to help? 


Here's a rough idea of how this could work. (I may be leaving out some of the programming needed. Please comment.) 


1. One link in the Task Manager "Report a Problem". Maybe in the red header? This would hardwire it into Task Manager. 

2. Click goes to a new page. 
(The form automatically picks up the OS, the browser, the date and time, and so on. Whatever the team needs.) 

(There would need to be buy in from the teams who fix problems as they would have to put these into Github. Could programming populate Github but that circumvents the search to see if the problem has been previously reported. In other situations, this is called an Open Ticket and these go into the reporting workflow whether they come from phone calls, emails, forms.)

Copy: "Thank you for reporting an issue. Please fill in the form below. It will automatically be sent to the responsible team."

Radio buttons where only one selection is possible: iD, JOSM, Other. Could be added to. 
(These buttons automatically direct where the email is routed.}

First name: (It's nice to know who you are talking to, address them my name.)
Last name: (Because there may be more than one "Chris" or "Cliff".
Username: (This is the username you use to log into OSM.)
Email address: (Privacy statement can be noted at the bottom of the page.)
"Please describe exactly what happened in detail:" (Or other prompt.)
Box for the description
Place to upload screenshots with copy describing how to do this. Use Browse and Drag and Drop? 

Links to common issues and how to fix them. 
Links to Learning the OSM Track Manager. 
Other links. 

On May 23, 2015, at 5:03 PM, Charlotte Wolter wrote:


       It sound like you would be a great resource in making this happen. Now all we need to do is get a clear mandate from the board (important) and some programmers. When is the next board meeting? We should get this on the agenda.


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> Exactly what Charlotte said.
> OSM and HOT are going through a monumental change. A huge influx of 3000, 4000 new to OSM people. We want them to continue to contribute and because we want them to stick around, we owe it to them to make everything about OSM and HOT as easy-to-use as possible.
> Convoluted workflows requiring new login and passwords, searches, and instructions that are scattered, all of that has to change as we grow into this new sized, new era of "anyone can help". Anything we can do to make the experience intuitive and a no-brainer we need to do as good hosts. Either we welcome all these enthusiastic people, or we stay a small, insular, insider's club where diverse contributers find a difficult if not impossible terrain.
> For now your instructions would  be great on an interim page people get when reporting an issue, inbetween the Task Manager and Github.
> Usability! We all need to think about how to make it easy! It's challenging and interesting to figure out the simpliest, easiest way to do something on the web!
> As this is one of the things I do professionally, I would love to make a proposal through a sample website working on a team with programmers.
> Thinking of Dan in Montana who left after one day because he was frustrated with OSM.
> Suzan
> On May 23, 2015 11:51:37 AM Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com> wrote:
>> Carl,
>>         It's very nice that you spelled out the steps, but
>> you're not getting it. We can't make ordinary mappers go
>> through those steps just to submit a problem report.
>> They need a link to a single page that has the words
>> "Problem Report" at the top. They fill in the blanks and
>> hit "Submit."
>>         Otherwise, we'll lose them. They'll just give up, and
>> we'll never know what issues are happening.
>> Charlotte
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>> >Charlotte Wolter wrote on 23.05.15 16:57:
>> >
>> > > This is my point exactly. Github works only for people who already
>> > > are "insiders," people who know how to use it. It doesn't work if you're
>> > > not used to it.
>> > > We need a simple Problem Report form on the web site. If the coders
>> > > want to use Github to solve the problem, fine. They're welcome to it. But
>> > > for us ordinary people, we need something in simple direct English.
>> > > By the way, there still are a couple of ongoing issues with iD
>> > > that no one seems to be tackling, despite reports on Github.
>> >
>> >I'm no coder and here is my step by step recipe for iD bug reporting:
>> >Visit https://github.com/ and "Sign up" (the platform is independent from
>> >OSM and HOT so you'll need to create a new account first). When
>> >successfully logged in just follow this procedure:
>> >1. on the upper left is a search bar ("Search GitHub"): type 'iD'
>> >and click "enter" on your keyboard
>> >2. in the list of search results click on "openstreetmap/iD" (should
>> >be the first item)
>> >3. click on "Issues" (navigation bar on the right)
>> >4. click on "New issue" (green button)
>> >5. choose a good title and write your problem description
>> >6. click on "Submit..."
>> >Done!
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