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Michael ohrosm at gmail.com
Sun May 24 10:18:00 UTC 2015


ok, so we have the following requests articulated in this thread:

>From a user perspective I understand the following:
- HOT users should be able to enter issues for the standard tools involved
(eg. iD, JOSM, Tasking Manager)
- There should not be another login required than the OSM user
- The hurdle for entering an issue should be as low as possible

In addition to this there also has been this one:
- Encourage users to look for a similar issue before reporting a new one

At first this to me this sums up to something "It would be great to have a
highly user-friendly single issue tracking system integrated in OSM/HOT
tools". The problem with this is that the developer of the tools likely
have a different view on things. Also we should keep in mind that iD or
JOSM are no specific HOT tools.

In general the better approach could be to add an intermediate layer above
the actual issue management. But this requires people doing the
"translation" and this effort can be significant. Here I fully support
Russ' suggestion to use help.openstreetmap.org - this is already an
established tool for this purpose and the closest thing of a central and
integrated platform. Frankly speaking I keep forgetting to look there

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