[HOT] HOT Announcements Only email list reminder

Blake Girardot blake.girardot at hotosm.org
Fri May 29 05:39:53 UTC 2015

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to remind our previous email list subscribers and let
our new email list subscribers know that HOT also has a very low
volume "Announcement Only" email list.

The announce only email list will keep you up to date on the major
happenings around the HOT community with an email or two each month
and let you know of any urgent events we are mapping to support.

You do not need to subscribe to both email lists as anything that is
sent to the announcement only email list will also be sent to this
main discussion list.

You can manage your HOT email list subscriptions and see all the other
interesting lists around the OpenStreetMap community, including
discussion and help lists in many other languages at this web address:



Blake Girardot
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Volunteer mapper and member of the HOT Board of Directors

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