[HOT] Northern Zambia data import to OSM

Lauren Jacobson lauren at developmentseed.org
Thu Oct 8 18:29:02 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I want to introduce myself and propose a new import in northern Zambia
to the mailing list, and open up it up for feedback. My name is Lauren
Jacobson and I am a Developer at Development Seed in Washington, DC.
We have floated this out over the OSM Imports and OSM Talk-Africa
listserv, but wanted to open the conversation to the HOT community.

Over the past couple of years, Akros Global Health collected the
locations of over 268,000 buildings in Zambia through their mSpray
indoor malaria prevention program. We at Development Seed have been
working with Akros and USAID to process the data, and prepare it for
import into OSM. This import will add a significant amount of data to
OSM in northern Zambia.

We've done the initial work to prep the data, check with existing data
in OSM, and outline our workflow for how we'll conduct the import.
Until now we've been working with the small group of collaborators at
Akros, USAID, Ona, and Development Seed. We want circulate the
proposal and plan to get additional feedback before we conduct the

*Import Plan*

The plan is to have the import conducted by the Development Seed team.
We identified no overlaps with existing buildings or roads in OSM and
plan to conduct the import via JOSM. Our full plan is outlined in the

  - Proposal and plan:
  - Issues, code, and data:

We would appreciate any feedback before we conduct the import. Please
feel free to contact me or open an issue on Github if you have any

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