[HOT] Nepal Earthquake IDP Camp Sites Validation

Hagellach37 hagellach at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 14:09:16 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I'm Benni from disastermappers Heidelberg. Pete Masters recently wrote a
post about a crowdsourcing application that uses PyBossa to identify
human settlements in South Kivu for the Missing Maps project. First of
all, thank you for the great feedback.

Currently I'm working on a study to assess the quality of IDP camp sites
mapping after the 2015 Nepal earthquake. You may agree that in
situations like the Nepal earthquake we still have problems validating
all the incoming data. Nevertheless, this step is crucial and especially
for IDP camps it determines the further usage of the data in the field.
Many camps became outdated just after a few days after the earthquake.
Therefore, I created a microtasking validation task similar to the
PyBossa task for the Missing Maps project. I think, that this may help
to fasten up the validation process with special regard to features that
are temporally dynamic like IDP camps.

Since I know that many of you contributed to the Nepal earthquake
mapping efforts I would be glad if some of you could help to validate
the OSM data. If you would like to contribute just follow the link:

You find additional information on our blog:

Futhermore, I set up a googledoc for any feedback our ideas you may
have. It's here:

Have a nice day,

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