[HOT] Community Working Group kickoff and call for members

Blake Girardot blake.girardot at hotosm.org
Wed Oct 14 12:51:02 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The Community Working Group is going to start have regular projects
and meetings and we need you :)

This group is going to be working on ways of building our community
and will need people who are good at creative fun things to help grow
and strengthen the HOT community.

I t will also focus on ways of working with partner communities to
strengthen our community integration and help support their missions.

I imagine it will work closely with the Training WG and the
Communications WG to accomplish everyone's goals as well.

The working group will follow the typical HOT WG format and be led by
two community Co-Chairs. There will also be one Board Member working
in the group as well to help with projects and keep the board updated
on activities.

Everyone has something to contribute to this group because everyone is
a member of the HOT community. Besides there will be stickers and
badges how can you say no? We need people with a wide diversity of
skills (especially language skills) so if you are looking for a good
way to build  your real world experience building online communities
this is a great opportunity.

And I mean real opportunity as HOT's President, Heather Leson will be
very involved as the Board member working with the group.

If you have not met our President yet, Heather is a pioneer in
creating and building this new phenomenon of Digital Humanitarians, a
leader in building on line communities and is a sought after speaker
at Humanitarian conferences around the world for her expertise and
insights into online humanitarian work. Working with her on this is
going to be an amazing experience.

So if you are at all interested, please contact me as I am helping get
it kicked off, and we can talk about it at length. Especially if you
have the desire and the capacity for a slightly higher time commitment
to be a Co-Chair :)

I look forward to speaking with you all more as part of the Community WG !


Blake Girardot
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Vice President, HOT Board of Directors
skype: jblakegirardot

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