[HOT] DigitalGlobe imagery for Hurricane Patricia

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Oct 24 10:39:29 UTC 2015

On 10/23/2015 9:33 PM, Kevin Bullock wrote:
> Dear HOT, a few months ago, we launched a Maps API to simplify access 
> to our imagery (in partnership with Mapbox). In response to Hurricane 
> Patricia, we are opening access to pre-event Mexico imagery. We have 
> built 50cm countrywide mosaics for the world, and we are delighted to 
> provide imagery over the impact area of Mexico in hopes of improving 
> OpenStreetMap and aiding in Humanitarian efforts. This data is 
> licensed for OpenStreetMap tracing and usage. Let's rally for Mexico!!
> To use this imagery for tracing within OpenStreetMap, you can load 
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=15/20.6075/-105.2316 and then 
> add the |digitalglobe.vivid-latam-caribbean| map ID as a custom 
> background. (or add to an existing HOT task)
> Please use this URL: 
> |https://api.mapbox.com/v4/digitalglobe.vivid-latam-caribbean/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token 
> <https://api.mapbox.com/v4/digitalglobe.vivid-latam-caribbean/%7Bz%7D/%7Bx%7D/%7By%7D.png?access_token=INSERTYOURACCESSTOKENHERE>=|pk.eyJ1IjoiZGlnaXRhbGdsb2JlIiwiYSI6ImNpZzRqYng4OTJ1NWd0emt2b3Q2dWhwNXQifQ.8ohSIF9elaL6Z6Cx69Joxg
> As the storm moves out, our satellites are ready to collect post event 
> imagery, which we will also make available. Other resources and info 
> from DG:

When making imagery available, I strongly recommend adding it to the 
imagery indexes for the editors, which are at 
https://github.com/osmlab/editor-imagery-index and 
https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Maps. This will ensure that the 
imagery is available to all mappers.
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