[HOT] Suggestion needed for designing an OSM based project

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Oct 26 18:14:31 UTC 2015

On 10/26/2015 10:56 AM, Ahasanul Hoque wrote:
> Take greetings from Dhaka Bangladesh. I need a help to design an OSM 
> based project. An organization is thinking to digitalise some of their 
> project land areas, keep them on open platform and get regular update 
> on the tenure, rearrangement of allocation/splitting of the parcels, 
> feature change status regularly. But the land parcel's  measurement is 
> a vital, it should have inch level accuracy. Also, they are thinking 
> to get all the updates through a mobile app from field.
> I found a strong potentiality of this idea with OSM . Now wondering, 
> do anyone know any example or similar type project what was/were based 
> on OSM ? it will be great help for designing the project as well as 
> for spreading OSM in Bangladesh if you kindly share the links, report, 
> experience alike. You are also welcome to put your valuable suggestion 
> in regards.

OSM and the OSM software stack is designed around crowd-sourcing, which 
an inch level accuracy requirement is incompatible with.
This level of accuracy requires expensive specialized equipment with 
specialized skills, and you can't use consumer or phone GPS units to 
record data.

Crowd-sourcing makes the technical design of OSM complicated, but here 
you'd gain that complexity without gaining its advantages. Additionally, 
a inch is near the maximum resolution of the API and many tools designed 
to consume OSM data.

I would recommend you re-evaluate your accuracy requirements to 
establish if they are truly necessary.

Because this isn't a question of humanitarian use of OSM, you might have 
more luck with a more general purpose mailing list than hot at .

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