[HOT] South Sudan mapping - abandoned / destroyed buildings / settlements

Blake Girardot bgirardot at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 12:23:41 UTC 2015

Hi Andrew,

Yes, please map buildings and settlements that are visible but damaged 
or destroyed. It is really helpful to map things you come across that 
you think are interesting or important (man made towers, bridges, dams, 
etc) but are not in the instructions. You are never limited by the 
instructions, you can always map other things.

Not having seen the area it is hard to pick the exact tags. Even seeing 
the area/buildings it can be hard to pick the best tags as this area of 
tagging gets a lot of discussion.

Can you share the task square number or url for the task square that 
contains the area in question?

Generally, if the area is in or part of a larger settlement and damaged 
but likely to be rebuilt we will tag it as landuse=brownfield, as is 
often the case after natural disasters.

If this is a whole settlement that is destroyed and abandoned, I would 
suggest putting the prefix abandoned: (also called a "namespace" on any 
of the tags you would normally put on it.

some examples:


For reference, here is the wiki page about that:

And like I said, that is how I would do it and others might have some 
differing opinions, but that is what makes the most sense to me for the 
tags we have now as I understand them.

If you use the iD editor that can be a little tedious to do, in JOSM we 
can edit lots of objects at once, so if you map in the buildings and 
then send me a note, I can put the full tag on them.

Thank you again for helping map and especially for asking questions and 
sharing your mapping with the list, we all learn and become better 
mappers when that happens!


On 9/1/2015 11:23 AM, Andrew Patterson wrote:
> I have been mapping on the South Sudan task that Blake has added to the
> list and in doing so have come across a small abandoned or destroyed
> settlement.  Given the history of the area is it valid to map such a
> feature so that it is recorded - or should it be ignored since it is not
> included within the Instructions?  I can see that there might be a
> conflict in this between humanitarian and political mapping.
> I have left it on the task area for the moment, but can delete it if
> this is felt to be appropriate.  If it should be left - how to tag?
> Andrew
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