[HOT] [30 years Mexico City earthquakes conmemoration] Simulation event

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Hola team!

On September 19th 2015 is the 30 year commemoration of two of the strongest
earthquakes Mexico had faced in modern history, if you want to see a
summary of what happened I recommend you to watch a 2min video "Terremoto
del 19 Septiembre 1985" https://youtu.be/_qva8tY1ZfQ to have an idea of
what happened but the stories you hear of the people who survived are
something you will never forget and that is something you won't find in the

The Civil protection Organization, the National Emergency committee and
other Government and Civil Institutions will be part of the Simulation so
young citizens who were not present in the tragedy and people who lived the
tragedy will know what to do and how to save more lives.

The question/request here is based in Nepal experience and other disaster
experiences to share better practices, I don't recall a simulation but
anything that you can share will be useful. Like the steps to follow and
manuals we could translate in Spanish for the event.

So far the plan is to simulate areas of the city with damage and building
that went down, having on site mappers and also remote mappers. Rodolfo
Wilhelmy is part of the organizers and he also is suggesting having a team
with bikes that can map simulated damaged areas.

Please share your thoughts we are happy to hear ideas to improve the
simulation and the mapping practice. Mexico is located in three different
Plates North America Plate, Pacific Plate and Cocos Plate so having this
practices or simulations will improve the way we can react.

Thanks in advance for your support

Miriam Gonzalez

Saludos y gracias,

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