[HOT] [30 years Mexico City earthquakes conmemoration] Simulation event

Pat Tressel ptressel at myuw.net
Thu Sep 10 10:25:28 UTC 2015

Hi, Miriam!
I wonder if anything from Exercise 24, Shakeout, or Formidable Footprint
would be useful.

Exercise 24 (x24) is a disaster simulation event, mainly aimed at getting
organizations working with each other before a real event.  It also has
some focus on use of social media.  There was a 2012 x24 simulation based
in Mexico that involved an earthquake.  Here's a report after that event,
delivered at the 2012 ISCRAM by George Bressler.  IIRC he was involved in
organizing the event, so may be useful to contact.
The San Diego State VisCenter is typically involved in facilitating these
events, so may have more info:

Shakeout and Formidable Footprint are more citizen preparedness and
training exercises.

-- Pat
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