[HOT] Chile Eathquake alerts

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I've made a wiki page for this:

including links to those task manager projects

Not a major activation. It's a small death toll, I guess because Chileans are well prepared for earthquakes. Also don't forget there is an active OpenStreetMap community in Chile. We should somehow try to avoid trampling all over the nice existing locally mapped data with task-square shaped bits of mess.

If there's more we could do to put the maps into the hands of responders (offering/documenting useful map outputs) that's worth focussing on.


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Hello Pierre,

Wille Marcel gently created a couple of tasks for Coquimbo (the capital of the region that suffered some tsunami flooding on the lower parts of the city) and Illapel (an important town near the epicentre of the earthquake and many of the aftershocks). 

I think that we will be working on this region at least during the next couple of days, specially starting tomorrow once we get more information on where the destruction is bigger (it looks like the area between Illapel and Ovalle is the most affected by the quake, and all the coastal area between La Serena and Concón by the Tsunami).


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>An earthquake of magnitude 8.3 occured about 3 hours ago on the coast of Chile, west of Illapel, with 11 aftershocks over 4.5 so far.
>See http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map
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