[HOT] [HOT Tagging] Tag for community based healthcare? / Quel tag pour les sites de soins communautaires ?

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 12:13:17 UTC 2015

Hi, Claire:

I had to deal with this already for a eHealth-collected health
facilities import in Borno State, Nigeria [1]. I used the HealthCare2.0
tagging schema (as Blake is also suggesting too), adding some
traditional tags for rendering purposes.

For this kind of facilities, I would suggest the following:

For all facilities:

1. medical_system:western=yes

2. health_facility:type=office
3. office=paramedic OR office=therapist

4. health_specialty:paediatric_gastroenterology=partial/no #For children
diarrheal diseases
5. health_specialty:tropical_medicine=partial/no #Malaria and others
6. health_specialty:pulmonology=partial/no #For pulmonar diseases

7. amenity=doctors #This is for compatibility with traditional health
care tagging

I would also add to all of them:

8. power_supply=yes/no/unknown #It might be interesting to know if
electricity is available.

Only in case health_specialty:tropical_medicine=partial, add:

9. disease:malaria=yes

You might add diarrhea diseases too, like
disease:amoebic_dysentery=yes/no , etc., always in case

Other optional tags:

10. opening_hours=*
11. operator=*
12. operator:type=public/private/...




On 21/09/15 12:45, Blake Girardot wrote:
> Hi Claire,
> It is a bit long and kind of complicated, but do you think a combination
> of the healthcare 2.0 proposal could address the facilities?
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Healthcare_2.0
> It does say part of its goal was to deal with community based services.
> Maybe we need to add some possible values to the existing proposal.
> Lets get this sorted out.
> Cheers,
> Blake
> On 9/21/2015 9:52 AM, Claire Halleux wrote:
>> (English below)
>> Bonjour à tous,
>> Au Sud-Kivu, on rencontre régulièrement des "sites de soins
>> communautaires", c'est à dire des lieux où l'on peut s'adresser à des
>> relais communautaires (membres de la communauté) ayant reçu une
>> formation spécifique au diagnostic du palu en général mais parfois aussi
>> pour les infections respiratoires et les diarrhées des enfants. Ils
>> disposent généralement de médicaments, fournis par des organisations
>> médicales. .
>> Ce service est très utile en particulier dans les zones rurales ne
>> disposant pas de centre de santé. Cependant, les relais communautaires
>> n'étant pas des docteurs, je me retrouve actuellement face à la
>> difficulté de trouver les tags appropriés. Des idées ou tags à me
>> suggérer? Merci d'avance.
>> Hi everyone,
>> In South Kivu, we regularly meet "community-based healthcare sites",
>> i.e. places where you can find some people from the community who got a
>> basic training about malaria testing, + sometimes pulmonary infections
>> and children diarrheal diseases diagnostics. They are usually supplied
>> with medicines by medical organisations.
>> This service is quite useful as it helps treating patients (specially
>> children) closer to the place they live, in particular in rural areas
>> where you can't find any health center or doctor.
>> I'm currently facing the issue of tagging this kind of place. Any tag
>> suggestion would be much appreciated.
>> Best,
>> Claire
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