[HOT] Experienced JOSM mappers: Help improve the OSM road network across Tanzania

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 17:15:24 UTC 2015

Hi all:

Asking for experience to join a project is always tricky, as it
carries the risk that some mappers decide not to join because they may
think they are not skilled enough to participate.

Having this in mind, I always try to be us much detailed as possible
when writing the workflow wiki (getting the old UNICEF import for
Central African Rep. as a reference), so users have a better chance to
decide by themselves if they will be able to do it or not.

The good thing on trying to work with one of these tasks is that you
have the chance to learn some tools and skills that you don't usually
need for standard TM projects.

In case you hesitate, or don't understand one or more steps in the
workflow wiki [1], please don't hesitate to ask questions here or
directly to me. And improvements to the wiki are always VERY WELCOME!

As a first improvement, I added a small warning about very short
MSD&JSI segments that you will find plenty of them. Those short
segments are most of the times highway=service instead of
highway=residential, as they are usually access to health related
facilies gathered by MSD or JSI orgs [2]

The job ahead is big, as it will more than doubled the road coverage
in OSM for Tanzania. So take it easy and rest from time to time!

Cheers, and have a nice week,



On 22/09/15 15:48, Tyler Radford wrote:
> JSI, a USAID contractor, recently provided approximately 60,000 km
> of detailed road data from  medical supply delivery vehicles GPS
> across Tanzania.
> /*JOSM mappers: help integrate this data into OSM and improve the
> road network across Tanzania!*/ /* */ 
> http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/1194 * * Your effort has the
> potential to help supply routing and logistics across the country. 
> Thank you, Tyler
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