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Just a quick summary as we approach the year end - feel free to join us 
using any of the links below.  All are welcome!

Over the course of the past year the Training Working Group (TrWG) has 
been involved in a variety of initiatives. The purpose of this email is 
to share information and provide updates so that the wider HOT community 
is aware of our work. The TrWG meets every other week on Mondays at 
19:00 UTC on Mumble (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mumble). Please 
feel free to join us at any time.

Early in 2016 a Trello board was created to manage the group’s 
activities. You can view a list of TrWG projects on Trello: 
https://trello.com/b/ZYzEoama/hot-training-wg. One of the main resources 
used by the TrWG is the LearnOSM (www.learnosm.og 
<http://www.learnosm.og>) web site, which is maintained by Nick Allen. 
Since January our completed projects include developing backup 
capability and refining the documentation for LearnOSM & Transifex 
processes, updating a LearnOSM Module with full workflow and setting up 
a LearnOSM staging site.

Numerous individual pages in LearnOSM have been created and edited by 
members of the TrWG. Included in this are the OSM Tasking Manager 
Project Admin page, the JOSM - Adding Aerial Imagery page, and the 
Mapathon/Event Management Guide. Ongoing projects include translation of 
the LearnOSM documents, edits and reviews of other LearnOSM pages and 
issues related to overall training.

A heuristic evaluation of usability of the LearnOSM web site as well as 
an analysis of the log files was prepared. As a result a site map was 
added, which will improve the LearnOSM site’s positioning in search 
engine results.

The training for the Activation Working Group continues at the HOT 
Training Centre (http://courses.hotosm.org/), for review and revision 
the content is being migrated over to GitBooks 
Discussions on future use of the Training Centre, which uses the 
elearning content management system Moodle continue.

Feedback from those who engage in mapathons has provided the TrWG with 
excellent insight into issues experienced with respect to new mappers, 
tagging, using iD, the potential need for instructions in other editors 
and the validation process. Discussions and suggested solutions continue 
on how best to resolve this include the use of training materials in 
mapathons, certification for validators and changes to the tasking 
manager (which can be added directly by using the list maintained here: 

There is a little more info on our wiki page 

We welcome your input and look forward to continued progress in 2017.


The Training Working Group.

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