[HOT] 'Tis the Season - Thank you for making #mapthedifference a success

Russell Deffner russell.deffner at hotosm.org
Fri Dec 23 22:37:07 UTC 2016

Season's Greetings HOT,


We all have another reason to celebrate this weekend, our #mapthedifference
campaign has passed our goal of $30,000 USD. This enables us to launch the
micro-grant program and directly support the growth of local OSM communities
around the globe in 2017. Don't hesitate to continue donating
(https://donate.hotosm.org/) - the more funds, the further the program can


A big thanks to DigitalGlobe for pushing us over the mark with a $10K
donation; Mapbox for their $10K donation challenge, and all of the 175
donors so far. Speaking of DigitalGlobe, I mentioned last week that we'll be
working together to assist the Clinton Health Access Initiative eliminate
malaria, jump onto project #2396 <http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/2396>  if
you have some time to help.


Have a great weekend/Happy Holidays,



Russell Deffner

Russell.Deffner at hotosm.org

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)

http://hotosm.org <http://hotosm.org/> 




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