[HOT] New mapper needs some feedback :-)

Martin Weil mweil at postia.de
Wed Feb 3 09:37:34 UTC 2016

Hi there!

I am new to HOT and started mapping a few days ago. As far as I can see, non of the tiles that I finished were validated yet, so I don’t know if the work I am doing is ok, or I am just creating a lot more work for others to clean up my mess. I would like to avoid that. :-)

I read basically everything on learnosm.org apart from the JOSM part that I will start when I am more confident that my mapping quality is ok. But the examples are quite trivial and I could not find much information on what to map and not to map in cities/towns.

Also I see a lot of tiles where there is a misalignment between the bing imagery and the mapped buildings, mostly because people looked at the map box data and aligned their traces accordingly, and I guess some were just too much in a hurry to align properly. But since I am new I don’t want to judge.

So, if anyone has a bit of time to spare, I’d like some feedback on the work I did so far.

Thank you very much.
Martin (flubby)

Some tiles I finished:


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