[HOT] New mapper needs some feedback :-)

Shawn Day day.shawn at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 10:03:09 UTC 2016

Well done Martin. I just took a quick look at tile 371. It is well mapped and you did a very fine job. There are a few things I corrected in validating. 1. In a couple cases when you squared the buildings, they grew in size (as they
do and most were well squared) and needed to be slightly reduced in size to
match the underlying imagery. 2. In a few cases the building encompassed the walled yard - the imagery is
soft and light so easily done. Reduced the area to the building. 3. In a few cases, there were overlaps between buildings - again suspect that
in the squaring function, the revised shape grew and caused the overlap - there
was an overlap or two between roadways (well defined btw) buildings. 4. And as we all have a few errant buildings that somehow escaped the squaring
function. Overall, a well done tile and well done by you. Keep on mapping.

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On Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 9:37 a.m., Martin Weil <mweil at postia.de> wrote:
Hi there!

I am new to HOT and started mapping a few days ago. As far as I can see, non of
the tiles that I finished were validated yet, so I don’t know if the work I am
doing is ok, or I am just creating a lot more work for others to clean up my
mess. I would like to avoid that. :-)

I read basically everything on learnosm.org apart from the JOSM part that I will
start when I am more confident that my mapping quality is ok. But the examples
are quite trivial and I could not find much information on what to map and not
to map in cities/towns.

Also I see a lot of tiles where there is a misalignment between the bing imagery
and the mapped buildings, mostly because people looked at the map box data and
aligned their traces accordingly, and I guess some were just too much in a hurry
to align properly. But since I am new I don’t want to judge.

So, if anyone has a bit of time to spare, I’d like some feedback on the work I
did so far.

Thank you very much.
Martin (flubby)

Some tiles I finished:

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