[HOT] International Womens Day - Mapping locations and dates of incidents on OpenStreetMaps

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Hi Mhairi,


This might be a good case for building an Ushahidi instance (https://www.ushahidi.com/) – as with Quakemaps.org that our partners at KLL built, the type of data (incident time, place, type) could be similar to reports of response needs. I think this type of data is not ‘recommended’ for OSM as you wouldn’t necessarily want it linked to a business or such solely based on occurrence and is not something you ‘survey’ like a map feature.  However, I would gladly help set up a site for reporting and using OSM as the underlying basemap so you could also edit/update the map features in your area of interest as well as capture reports in something like Ushahidi.  I’m sure other’s in HOT are probably more knowledgeable in what it takes to set one up.




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Sexual harrassment towards women has been increasing in Bali with a number of individuals taking a stand by capturing images to post on Facebook to shame and apprehend, and I would like to help assist by empowering women to utilise OSM to further highlight and tackle these kinds of issues. 


I am thinking of trying to create some kind of harassment map like they have in Egypt ( <http://harassmap.org/> http://harassmap.org

). Ideally I would like to utilise OSM to capture and present this data (type of incident and date, etc), but have not been able to find an appropriate tag to use. 


The tag 'incident' has been used in the past, once and perhaps unofficially. So I was hoping to get some feedback and suggestions on how to approach this. In fact the mapping of this kind of data doesn't seem to exist on OSM, but is it something the community might be interested in exploring?


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