[HOT] Crowd2Map rural Tanzania

Janet Chapman j.chapman at tanzdevtrust.org
Fri Feb 26 19:06:38 UTC 2016

We're getting people in rural Tanzania to map data about their communities
using EpicollectPlus.  Please can anyone advise:


1.        if there is any way to tell up to date the Bing satellite images
are and how often they are updated as some of the points we are trying to
add weren't built in the satellite images.

2.       Are there any recommended apps to use OSM on android

3.       What the best way of publicising the project to people in rural
Tanzania is - currently we have
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551808625147532/ and @crowd2map 

4.       If anyone is aware of any other data sets we could incorporate -
thanks Mark Iliffe for links to water points and health facilities

5.       We're having a hack day on May 7th in London, Dar es Salaam - and
remotely - so if anyone wants to be involved that would be great!


Many thanks



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