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Sun Feb 28 09:17:20 UTC 2016

Hi Janet,

1.        if there is any way to tell up to date the Bing satellite images
> are and how often they are updated as some of the points we are trying to
> add weren’t built in the satellite images.
>From another thread, I forward you this answer:

Michael Heißmeier wrote:

> in JOSM:
> right-click on the background imagery and select "show tile info" from
> the context menu. The lowest line contains the capture date of the
> current tile.

> 2.       Are there any recommended apps to use OSM on android
It very much depends on your use cases (display map, itinerary, tracking,
OSM edition...), but these apps can be mentioned:
- Maps.me (Maps with me)
- OSMTracker
- OSMAnd
- Vespucci

> 3.       What the best way of publicising the project to people in rural
> Tanzania is – currently we have
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/1551808625147532/ and @crowd2map
Did you try to connect with OSM Tanzania, Ramani Huria project ...?

Twitter @RamaniHuria

Geoffrey Kateregga
Lead Mapping Supervisor | Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team | Dar es Salaam,
Mob: +255652250562 | +256703813228 | Skype: geoffrey5142

Hope this helps a bit

- althio
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