[HOT] Back as an organizer for mapping activities

Dr. Andreas Reimer areimer at posteo.de
Mon Feb 29 20:22:56 UTC 2016

Dear HOT!

My name is Andreas Reimer, I helped organizing the activities coming 
from Heidelberg University during the Haiyan response. I am also a 
former colleague of Pascal Neis, who I thank very much for bringing me 
into the OSM fold.
These activities back in 2013 were a catalyst for students who later 
founded the DisasterMappers Heidelberg who have been active ever since, 
so all the multiplication starting with Pascal has had some impact.

I am now teaching GIS in Kassel. I just wanted to say I am now available 
again as organizer and multiplier, we can arrange for mapping teams of 
geomatics trained mappers (20) on very short notice.

So, if Andrew Buck or someone wants to get into contact please do so. 
Back in 2013 we had some interesting experiments with coordinated 
multi-user mapping. I would love to continue and formalize such things.

As my new job posting is supposed to be permanent, I hope to build some 
more permanent training scheme and structure to help out.

All the best,


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