[HOT] Help needed -- remote mapping in Botswana

Courtney Clark courtneyclark8 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 21:45:15 UTC 2016

Hello HOT Community,

My name is Courtney Clark, and I coordinate Peace Corps' humanitarian
mapping initiative. I create many tasks on the HOT Tasking Manager. I have
never yet reached out to this list for help with remote mapping or made our
tasks a priority, but I am asking for your help now.

I will be in Maun and Bobonong Botswana in mid-March to conduct OSM and GIS
trainings with Peace Corps Volunteers and their Botswanan colleagues. *The
trainings will focus on the use of OSM data and GIS analysis for malaria
and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment*. Botswana has the third highest rate
of HIV/AIDS in the world -- 21.9% of adults are HIV positive.

*We need to finish the Maun <http://bit.ly/1QQteyu> and Bobonong
<http://bit.ly/1QHghkn> tasks by this weekend* so that I can prepare and
print Field Papers (I leave March 8th) -- if you have a few minutes to map,
please help out!

Thank you very much in advance,

Courtney Clark

Innovation Specialist, Peace Corps <http://www.peacecorps.gov/>
Member, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team <http://www.hotosm.org>
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Guinea 2012-2014
Loyola University Chicago
231-740-9595 | courtneyclark8 at gmail.com
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