[HOT] [CrisisMappers] Research project on satellite imagery for crisis mapping

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Hi Patrick,

There is a Phd researcher working at the University of Groningen on the availability and actuality of imagery  from commercial parties. I’m sure he has some ideas or connections. His email is philipp.olbrich at rug.nl <mailto:philipp.olbrich at rug.nl>



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> Hi Folks maybe you have input for Patrick?
> Heather
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> Subject: [CrisisMappers] Research project on satellite imagery for crisis mapping
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> Dear CrisisMappers,
> I'm doing research on the use of satellite imagery for crisis mapping. As part of this research, I'm looking to create a conceptual map of the landscape (who is currently doing what and how) around the use of satellite imagery for disaster management (all phases of the disaster cycle). 
> I'm thus very keen to speak with relevant experts in this space including folks who analyze said imagery and end-users who use the resulting analysis. So if this is your area of expertise, then I'd be very grateful for your guidance-- could you kindly send me an email off list?
> Many thanks,
> Patrick
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