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Hi Hakuch
I have started this wiki for the Mali Humanitarian activation in early 2013.  The rainy season damages constantly the roads in the north of Mali and contributors did classify major roads as track. 

After we experienced this classification, others contributors later suggested to apply this to all of Africa.
Classification of roads is important for various usages including the routing tools. The classification of roads can be used by these routing tools to estimate average travel time. The tracks are generally not considered.
Basically, what this Highway Tag Africa wiki page says is that you classify a road related to its importance.  Roads that interconnect large cities should be in the top of the hierarchy. And they are not necessarily larger then other roads. Motorways are also almost inexistant.
We reserve highway=unclassify for roads that interconnect small villages and highway=track for roads going to the outskirts of villages.
The second element is the condition / surface of roads. And this is surely difficult to interpret from satellite imagery. We often are able to add a tag surface=paved or surface=unpaved if the imagery is of good quality. Otherwise, we cannot interpret. 


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I just discovered http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa
(and translated it to german :)) and was happy to find a guideline how
to tag in african countries. But while using SatPictures in HOT Tasks,
it would be much more interesting to find pictures of good Sat-Examples.
Anyway, a lot of the stuff mentioned there will be hard to tag using
just the satpictures...

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