[HOT] African Roads on Satelite

Hakuch hakuch at posteo.de
Thu Jan 21 09:46:27 UTC 2016


On 21.01.2016 02:38, Pierre BĂ©land wrote:
> what this Highway Tag Africa wiki page says is that you classify a road related to its importance. 

yes I got this point from the Wiki. Its just, when you are doing HOT
mapping, you normally have just a satellite image. So on the ground
photos of streets are helpful to get an impression of the situation on
the ground, but it might also be much more helpful to see examples of
satellite images.

I know, the classification does not only depend from the road condition
that I will see on the image. But it could help for some situations. The
Link to the Bing Satellite picture was very helpful for example.
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