[HOT] Planet Labs satellite imagery for Crisis Mapping?

Patrick Meier (iRevolution) patrick at irevolution.net
Thu Jan 21 11:19:16 UTC 2016

Dear CrisisMappers, HOT and Digital Humanitarians,

I'm collaborating with Planet Labs <https://www.planet.com/> to explore
if/how their imagery might support disaster management efforts. The aim of
Planet Labs is to ultimately image the entire Earth every 24 hours at a
spatial resolution of 5 meters. Some examples of Planet's imagery is available
here <https://www.planet.com/gallery/>. In terms of prior humanitarian
applications, this short video <https://youtu.be/w-Q5eQRkvro?t=1m23s> includes
a segment on Planet's response to the Nepal earthquake. The *New York
Times* also
used Planet's imagery in this recent piece
refugee camps in Jordan. Planet makes their imagery available via a
user-friendly API.

I'd be very keen to get your thoughts on where Planet could add significant
and measurable added value to crisis mapping efforts. So I'd be most
grateful if you could email me *off list *(do not reply all so that we
don't flood 3,000+ inboxes) with concrete suggestions on how Planet might
be able to meaningfully support our community. I'm particularly interested
in suggestions that focus on tactical and field-based uses of Planet
imagery for disaster management.

Please note that this initiative is purely exploratory at this stage, so I
want to make sure to manage expectations from the outset. Many thanks for
your kind understanding.

My very best,

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