[HOT] Planet Labs satellite imagery for Crisis Mapping?

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Thu Jan 21 13:34:52 UTC 2016

Patrick, is the imagery still released w/ the CC4 license?

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, Patrick Meier (iRevolution) <
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> Dear CrisisMappers, HOT and Digital Humanitarians,
> I'm collaborating with Planet Labs <https://www.planet.com/> to explore
> if/how their imagery might support disaster management efforts. The aim of
> Planet Labs is to ultimately image the entire Earth every 24 hours at a
> spatial resolution of 5 meters. Some examples of Planet's imagery is available
> here <https://www.planet.com/gallery/>. In terms of prior humanitarian
> applications, this short video <https://youtu.be/w-Q5eQRkvro?t=1m23s> includes
> a segment on Planet's response to the Nepal earthquake. The *New York
> Times* also used Planet's imagery in this recent piece
> <http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/12/17/world/middleeast/syrian-border.html> on
> refugee camps in Jordan. Planet makes their imagery available via a
> user-friendly API.
> I'd be very keen to get your thoughts on where Planet could add
> significant and measurable added value to crisis mapping efforts. So I'd be
> most grateful if you could email me *off list *(do not reply all so that
> we don't flood 3,000+ inboxes) with concrete suggestions on how Planet
> might be able to meaningfully support our community. I'm particularly
> interested in suggestions that focus on tactical and field-based uses of
> Planet imagery for disaster management.
> Please note that this initiative is purely exploratory at this stage, so I
> want to make sure to manage expectations from the outset. Many thanks for
> your kind understanding.
> My very best,
> Patrick
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