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Fri Jan 22 14:08:06 UTC 2016


To help with validation and also to make people aware of those note:...
tags, I created a MapCSS style. It's in the list of Mappaint styles of
JOSM. I named it Schools.

It works in countries with more "regular" ways of addressing too.



2016-01-22 8:34 GMT+01:00 Jo <winfixit at gmail.com>:

> Hi Rafael,
> Great that you got this started. Of course I managed to get the use of
> import and not import account mixed up, as JOSM doesn't warn me or give the
> option to switch in a convenient way. So the imported node will probably
> have to be removed once again and the buildings I added in a second go, are
> now uploaded with that silly import account.
> Sorry for the rant, what follows should be more interesting:
> Anyway, what I'm missing are the isced tags. Also the process seems overly
> complicated to me. It's easier to skip the "Edit with JOSM' button and go
> straight to the first "here" link. Then download manually.
> To find the new buildings, the filter method works, but Ctrl-f
> inview new
> Then tick the box:: 'add toolbar button'
> is a lot more convenient, with a shiny new button on the task bar.
> You can also create another button like this with:
> inview (school | university | kindergarten)
> if you add "-new" to that, you can easily find all the existing ones.
> Oh, for people mapping remotely, there is a local community in Kampala.
> It's best to leave those schools for them, since they have local knowledge
> about them and since it's harder to figure out which buildings belong to
> the school for those from aerial imagery alone. I think that's worthy of a
> note in the instructions.
> Kind regards,
> Jo
> 2016-01-22 0:06 GMT+01:00 Rafael Avila Coya <ravilacoya at gmail.com>:
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>> Hi all:
>> A new manual import through the Tasking Manager is open for
>> experienced mappers, this time for the import of 24,587 educational
>> facilities (nurseries, primary and secondary schools, colleges...) all
>> around Uganda.
>> As the total number of nodes is very high, it was decided not to add
>> any contextual data as it was done in previous imports, starting with
>> the Central African Rep. UNICEF import. We will be able to add
>> contextual data, like facilities road access, facilities buildings,
>> settlement names (derived from the facilities addr:* tags), wikidata
>> tags, etc., after the import is finished, or maybe even during the
>> import, but with another TM project/s.
>> Everyone is welcome to contribute, but specially the Uganda OSM community.
>> You can find the detailed workflow wiki for this import here [1].
>> importing facilities.
>> At the beginning of the workflow wiki you have a Quick Reference, so
>> you don't have to read the whole wiki everytime you need to recall the
>> import steps.
>> Keep in mind that changesets that don't follow the rules (negociated
>> with the Uganda OSM community and the imports list) will have to be
>> reverted. Specially important is to use a dedicated OSM account (not
>> the regular account you use for regular mapping), and to add the
>> specific changeset tags of this import.
>> You should also read the official import wiki [2], specially for
>> tagging reference.
>> Happy mapping!
>> Rafael.
>> [1]
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Uganda/Import_Uganda_Bureau_Of_Statistics_Education_Facilities_Workflow
>> [2]
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Uganda/Import_Uganda_Bureau_Of_Statistics_Education_Facilities
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