[HOT] Introductions

Laura O'Grady laura at lauraogrady.ca
Thu Jun 9 16:43:41 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

My apologies as I've only been on this mailing list for a few days and have
already jumped into the conversation without introducing myself!

I've been involved in my local (Toronto, ON, Canada) OpenStreetMap community
for a number of years. Participating has brought together my interests in
GIS as well as community development.  

By day I conduct research and program evaluations in the health services
field with a focus on health informatics. I have a fairly good technical and
applied background in web-based initiatives and their application in health,
particularly in relation to patient engagement via computer-mediated
communication. Before attending graduate school I worked in the HIV/AIDS
community here in Toronto. Over the years I've been on several committees,
boards and am a founding member of Patients Canada.

I'm interested in shifting my research to be more GIS focused. To support
this I'm currently studying GIS at Ryerson University.

In closing I hope to learn more about HOT and support its activities in any
way possible.

Best wishes,


p.s. Hello Heather Leson! Long time no "see" ;) 

Laura O'Grady

laura at lauraogrady.ca <mailto:laura at lauraogrady.ca> 


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