[HOT] Highway=residential in Africa

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Hi John,


Road classification, as most of us are well aware, is difficult to say the least.  My opinion is that what suggest as ‘best practice’ for remote mapping in Africa is to use this as a guide: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa 


However, looking over it, I think it does need a ‘refresh’; it doesn’t even mention trunk or service tags (not even a ‘don’t use’ rule of thumb), however, I wonder if that image for primary roads doesn’t better show a ‘trunk road’.


Specifically, I think all road classification is only as good as the local community, because often you can’t tell ‘significance’ or function without local knowledge.




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When validating I'm seeing a large number of highways in rural areas tagged as highway=residential rather than highway=unclassified mainly by new mappers in maperthons but even one or two project managers are using this designation and I'm not sure why.

My expectation is a few highways within a landuse=residential ie mainly towns or larger villages would be so tagged but not those outside.



Thanks John

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