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Hi all,

Rupert (rupertmaesglas), Nick (Tallguy) and I have just returned from
Sierra Leone where we've been working with Red Cross and MSF on training
for data collection and mapping. Some news from these specific projects to
come, but I just wanted to mention to the HOT community a couple of people
we met while there.

The first is Morris [5 <https://twitter.com/MORRISMARAH>], who has founded
Sierra Leone's first innovation tech hub [1
<http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4230771354> & 2 <http://sensi-sl.org/>].
Morris is working to provide a space, community, tech and training for
locals to upskill in a whole load of different things, from ICT to
entrepreneurship. He is really pushing open data and open source and is
looking for collaborators. We ran a small mapping party on Monday evening
and presented OSM / HOT and Missing Maps at a data boot camp run by code 4
Africa yesterday and the appetite for OSM is big. If any of you are
involved in projects in Sierra Leone (and especially if you are going
there), do get in touch with the hub - there is not a huge amount of OSM
expertise in the current community and they would love to get more people

The second is Slum Dwellers International (SDI) Sierra Leone [3
<http://sdinet.org/category/countries/sierra-leone/>] and their data
officer, Richard [6 <https://twitter.com/riboc92>]. Richard works with SDI
training slum communities to map themselves in order to better advocate for
services and facilities from government ministries. This feels to me like a
perfect fit for HOT. The data is not sensitive and a lot of it is very
appropriate for OSM. The communities there use gps devices and smart phones
to map their areas, the data is aggregated and then the people living in
the area then validate the data together. These communities are amongst the
most vulnerable when it comes to disease outbreaks and the data they hold
could be of enormous benefit to NGOs and MoH when responding.

Richard is another person to get in touch with if any of you are going to
Freetown, but I also mention him because I wondered whether anyone else had
any experience of working with SDI? They have launched a project recently
called Know Your City [4
<http://www.knowyourcity.info/map.php#/app/ui/world>], which is a platform
aimed to assist with advocacy and knowledge sharing. I am surprised I
hadn't heard of it....

Apologies if that is a bit of a ramble, but just wanted to share these
particular contacts with the HOT community....



[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4230771354
[2] http://sensi-sl.org/
[3] http://sdinet.org/category/countries/sierra-leone/
[4] http://www.knowyourcity.info/map.php#/app/ui/world
[5] https://twitter.com/MORRISMARAH
[6] https://twitter.com/riboc92

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