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Thanks for sharing! And, welcome if they are on the list

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> Hi all,
> Rupert (rupertmaesglas), Nick (Tallguy) and I have just returned from
> Sierra Leone where we've been working with Red Cross and MSF on training
> for data collection and mapping. Some news from these specific projects to
> come, but I just wanted to mention to the HOT community a couple of people
> we met while there.
> The first is Morris [5 <https://twitter.com/MORRISMARAH>], who has
> founded Sierra Leone's first innovation tech hub [1
> <http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4230771354> & 2 <http://sensi-sl.org/>].
> Morris is working to provide a space, community, tech and training for
> locals to upskill in a whole load of different things, from ICT to
> entrepreneurship. He is really pushing open data and open source and is
> looking for collaborators. We ran a small mapping party on Monday evening
> and presented OSM / HOT and Missing Maps at a data boot camp run by code 4
> Africa yesterday and the appetite for OSM is big. If any of you are
> involved in projects in Sierra Leone (and especially if you are going
> there), do get in touch with the hub - there is not a huge amount of OSM
> expertise in the current community and they would love to get more people
> involved.
> The second is Slum Dwellers International (SDI) Sierra Leone [3
> <http://sdinet.org/category/countries/sierra-leone/>] and their data
> officer, Richard [6 <https://twitter.com/riboc92>]. Richard works with
> SDI training slum communities to map themselves in order to better advocate
> for services and facilities from government ministries. This feels to me
> like a perfect fit for HOT. The data is not sensitive and a lot of it is
> very appropriate for OSM. The communities there use gps devices and smart
> phones to map their areas, the data is aggregated and then the people
> living in the area then validate the data together. These communities are
> amongst the most vulnerable when it comes to disease outbreaks and the data
> they hold could be of enormous benefit to NGOs and MoH when responding.
> Richard is another person to get in touch with if any of you are going to
> Freetown, but I also mention him because I wondered whether anyone else had
> any experience of working with SDI? They have launched a project recently
> called Know Your City [4
> <http://www.knowyourcity.info/map.php#/app/ui/world>], which is a
> platform aimed to assist with advocacy and knowledge sharing. I am
> surprised I hadn't heard of it....
> Apologies if that is a bit of a ramble, but just wanted to share these
> particular contacts with the HOT community....
> Cheers,
> Pete
> [1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/4230771354
> [2] http://sensi-sl.org/
> [3] http://sdinet.org/category/countries/sierra-leone/
> [4] http://www.knowyourcity.info/map.php#/app/ui/world
> [5] https://twitter.com/MORRISMARAH
> [6] https://twitter.com/riboc92
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