[HOT] Help wanted with xml files.... (Congo mapping)

Laurent Savaƫte laurent at where.tf
Fri Jun 24 16:05:16 UTC 2016

Hi Pete,
Happy to give a hand. A few lines of python should do the trick.
If nobody else has volunteered yet, just email me the files and what you need exactly, and I'll get to it right away.


On June 24, 2016 9:54:55 PM GMT+06:30, Pete Masters <pedrito1414 at googlemail.com> wrote:
>Hi all, hope you are well...
>A Congolese water and sanitation guy from MSF in Lubumbashi has been
>a load of mapping using ODK Collect. He was one of the trainees when
>and I did data collection training in Lubumbashi in January and I have
>just found out he continued with collecting data! This is great news,
>we have a problem.
>While he was collecting the data, the formhub server we were using got
>hacked. Consequently, I instructed him how to manually back up the
>completed ODK surveys on to a laptop. So, I now have them - 64 xml
>files in
>64 separate folders.
>Can anyone help me with merging these xmls and converting them to a
>spreadsheet or similar? To do it manually is going to take sooooo
>Be great to get them into a format that we could then do the OSM
>from.... The surveys were of roads, waterpoints and points of interest.
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