[HOT] Help wanted with xml files.... (Congo mapping)

Pete Masters pedrito1414 at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 24 15:24:55 UTC 2016

Hi all, hope you are well...

A Congolese water and sanitation guy from MSF in Lubumbashi has been doing
a load of mapping using ODK Collect. He was one of the trainees when Bruno
and I did data collection training in Lubumbashi in January and I have only
just found out he continued with collecting data! This is great news, but
we have a problem.

While he was collecting the data, the formhub server we were using got
hacked. Consequently, I instructed him how to manually back up the
completed ODK surveys on to a laptop. So, I now have them - 64 xml files in
64 separate folders.

Can anyone help me with merging these xmls and converting them to a
spreadsheet or similar? To do it manually is going to take sooooo long....

Be great to get them into a format that we could then do the OSM mapping
from.... The surveys were of roads, waterpoints and points of interest.



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