[HOT] Fully funded scientist looking to explore fieldwork opportunities in the Americas

Steffen Lohrey steffen.lohrey at posteo.de
Mon May 2 16:56:58 UTC 2016

Dear Everyone,

My apologies that this message is not immediately related to mapping. I 
am sending this message to anyone who is currently running a project 
with a fieldwork component and related to climate-change adaptation, 
climate-resilience building or disaster relief, particularly in Southern 
or Central America.

I am currently exploring options to join a related project as part of my 
fully funded fellowship from ~June to mid September. I have fieldwork 
experience, plus quantitative skills in data analysis, knowledge of 
climate and infrastructure-related data and obviously some mapping and 
GIS experience. I am currently based at the World Bank in Washington 
working on resilience.

While I am already in the process of considering options, I would be 
looking forward to be approached by anyone in the wider community who 
looks for support in an existing project that could host me. I am happy 
to discuss further details on an individual basis.


Steffen Lohrey
Mercator Fellow 2015/16
Phone: +1.202.644.6176
Skype: steffen-lrt

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